Celebrity sightings in the Wenatchee Valley

Last year, Christopher Walken supposedly slipped into town and ate at Bob’s Burgers in East Wenatchee. (????!!!!) Wait. What? Did you ever hear about this?

"The Family Fang" Premiere - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
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We now take it to our sister station KFFM in Yakima who reported this:

According to Richard E, this is what went down:

"In my 41 years, I’ve seen a lot of interesting things. However, I think what I saw yesterday might be on the top of the list.

As I sat down at my table at Bobs Burgers in East Wenatchee, I noticed a group of people seated across from me. There was an older, but nice looking man sitting right in the middle. I thought to myself “where do I know him from?”. I looked at him again & the man smiled at me knowing that I knew he looked familiar. It took me about 5 minutes before it dawned on me. I then picked up my phone and did a Google search. When I saw the results, I about fell out of my chair.

Why Christopher Walken was in East Wenatchee is beyond me. As I left, I briefly chatted with him & the small group he was with. I didn’t ask him his name, but he knew that I knew who he was.

So, I guess you can say that I’ve met and talked to a celebrity."


Wow. Okay. Christopher Walken was here last year! (May of 2022)


I do remember when the late Neil Peart (original drummer of the band Rush) stayed in a Wenatchee motel in the summer of 2013, during our annual summer wildfire season. He mentioned us here in his blog.

Rush Performs At Mandalay Bay
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Rainn Wilson stops in from time to time to visit his mom, who lives in East Wenatchee

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - May 16, 2023
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Macklemore famously went "Thrift shopping in Wenatchee" in 2012, about the time his song "Thrift Shop" exploded onto radios and downloads around the World.

Shout out to the people in Wenatchee. Next time I'll stay

longer -Macklemore

Aly mentioned that Macklemore's writing & production partner Ryan Lewis stopped into Hooked on Toys to get some stuff in 2015. That's when they spent some quality time, above Leavenworth in some canyon up the Plain Highway, writing and recording their 2016 album "This Unruly Mess I've Made"

You see glimpses of our nick in the woods here …skip ahead to about the :45 second mark to see some familiar local places.


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