The Chelan PUD is conducting a a customer satisfaction for ratepayers beginning May 2-May 11, 2022. The PUD administrates these surveys to help the PUD assess customer sentiment and areas of community interest as it develops its programs and services for customer-owners.

Customer feedback provides the PUD with a better understanding of community needs, customer satisfaction, and project development. Chelan PUD Corporate Communications Manager Neil Neroutsos says the the survey will provide valuable information about ratepayer needs and interests. "We want to go out every 2 years and get a sense of the pulse of the community," he said. "What people are interested in-in relation to the PUD, how we are doing serving our customers, and what kind of things may be on their mind as we provide electric, water, and wholesale fiber service to the communities."

Neroutsos says the questionnaire also gives customers an opportunity to give input on how the PUD is doing. "We ask questions about overall satisfaction working with the PUD, and how are we communicating with our customers."

PUD customers may receive emails, phone calls, or the survey can be completed online at

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