The city of Wenatchee has plans for a $3.5 million remodel at Lincoln Park, including the addition of a pump track.

The remodel will include the pump track, which is considered step one, a soccer field, a stage area, bathroom facilities and a play area. A former play area at Lincoln Park was removed, due to being deemed unsafe

"It's a big park for that part of the neighborhood. That park needs some love," said Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz. "Part of starting over is putting in new amenities."

According to Kuntz, the goal is to have the pump track built this fall and then start working on contracts for other features, such as a soccer field and new play area, at the start of 2022. The pump track will be asphalt and similar to the pump track at the East Wenatchee Park.

The park is expected to be funded with a combination of state funds, grants, county dollars and the city's sewer fund.

"You built what the community wants and then try to figure out how to get it funded. Ultimately there will be a gap in the funding where the city's general fund will have to come in and do something," said Kuntz. "We don't know exactly how much that will be yet."

Lincoln Park was a former garbage dump for the city.

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