Similar to Chelan County Sheriff's office (CCSO), Douglas County Sheriff's office will be visiting communities throughout the county to provide information on recent law enforcement related legislative changes.

"I felt it was important to reach out to the city councils and provide them some information, give them the opportunity to ask me questions on how it will impact their citizens and communities," said Sheriff Kevin Morris.

Sheriff Morris noted a good portion of Douglas County has already viewed Sheriff Brian Burnett's legislative changes meetings, so Sheriff Morris is taking a different approach. The informative sessions will differ from the in depth CCSO presentations and will be conducted in an informal Q&A style with open dialogue.

"I wanted to have a bit more of a direct conversation, give some specific examples, try not to bore people with legal terms and explain why the same call might be handled slightly different," said Sheriff Morris. "I also wanted to provide the information, we are going to respond to all calls for service, it's just how is that response going to look."

The schedule:

Waterville Council Meeting, August 16 6:30 p.m.

Bridgeport Council Meeting, August 18 7 p.m.

Rock Island Council Meeting, August 26 6 p.m.

Mansfield Council Meeting, September 14 6 p.m.

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