Though adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist is convenient, research from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has revealed drivers with advanced driver assistance systems are nearly twice as likely to engage in distracted driving than those driving without using these features.

"We partnered with Virginia Tech to look at drivers who were comfortable with advanced driver assistance system in vehicles compared to people who were not comfortable with those systems and just looked at their behavior," said Jennifer Cook, AAA Washington spokeswoman.

Those comfortable with the driver assistance systems were more likely to fiddle with the radio or texting.

"They were more likely to engage in that because they over trusted those technologies for the safety of their trips," said Cook. "As drivers we really need to make sure we are attentive and stay engaged in driving. These systems are wonderful but they are always perfect and so they do have limitations."

Cook cautions drivers with these systems to make sure they know what systems they have and their limitations and always stay engaged driving.

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