East Wenatchee's mayor is watching Douglas County's process in determining whether a large apartment complex wil be built on adjacent land.

The planned 290-unit complex known as the Wilkinson Project is not in East Wenatchee city limits, but is part of its Urban Growth Boundary.

Mayor Jerrilea Crawford says the apartments would address an acute housing problem the area has long faced.

"We know this community just does not have enough supply for our current needs," said Crawford. "So we know we need housing, so in that regard I'm happy for it."

The Wenatchee Valley area often has housing vacancy rates as low as 1 or 2 percent

The Douglas County Planning Commission voted this week to recommend that county commissioners approve the complex, despite opposition from a group of residents over traffic and parking concerns.

Crawford has sympathy for those concerns, and thinks the surrounding streets need to be improved.

"I think what they need to do is add some additional access points for that, so that it's not all being funneled through one road," Crawford said.

The complex would sit on 24 acres at 5th and Lyle streets near East Wenatchee.

It would include a swimming pool, sports court, dog park and an interconnecting trail.