What was projected to be an Excessive Heat Watch is now a "Warning" for almost all of North Central Washington and the eastern part of the state.

Most locations, including the Wenatchee Valley, will see four straight days of triple digit heat with little cool down at night between Wednesday and Saturday.

Meteorologist Rocco Pelatti with the National Weather Service says wildfires are now a concern because of wind, specifically from Wednesday into Thursday.

"The way this is set up, miner disturbances can still drop down and impact our wind," said Pelatti. "So there's a little bit of a wind increase that might sustain itself as late as Thursday. It's one or maybe more possible ripple that's running down the ridge."

A Fire Weather Watch is in place for Thursday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Wind gusts of 20-40 miler per hour will be possible.

Pelotti says conditions could be tricky for firefighters.

"The northerly push, along with the hot and dry conditions, that might not be a favorite to push a fire, depending on the type of fire," Pelotti said. "Some fires, it might help them, and other fires, it might not be what they want. So, I would expect increased coordination's because of the complications of the wind."

More than 1,100 crew members are working to contain the Cedar Creek and Creek fires in Okanogan County.

The two fires are burning more than 110,000 acres between them, but have not been spreading much in recent days.

The Cub Creek Fire is currently 50 percent contained, while the Cedar Creek Fire is 34 percent contained as of Monday night.

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