Only one member of the eight-member Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission purchased a hunting license in 2017 and only three purchased fishing licenses according to research done by Northwestern Outdoors Radio host John Kruse. He said he was shocked.

"Sometimes you scratch your head and it's like, 'Why did the agency do that? That certainly doesn't seem to be in the interest of anglers or hunters and sometimes even sustainable conservation.'"

After following up with the commissioners, Kruse discovered one didn't purchase any license due to health concerns, but the others did not appear to be hunters or anglers. He says it might explain why the recent license fee increase was so extreme.

"It's a little concerning if you fish and hunt that half or more of the commissioners that are making decisions about fishing and hunting don't actually fish and hunt."

Kruse says if anyone is concerned he said they should reach out to the Governor's office to make sure that he appoints outdoor enthusiasts or invite one of the commissioners to hunt or fish with you so they can learn.

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