Grant PUD was pleasantly surprised by a bid that was $13 million less than estimated to build the secondary embankment on the Priest Rapids Dam. The PUD commissioners will vote on Tuesday whether to accept the staff recommended low bidder, IMCO Construction's bid of $33.4 million.

"The reason we have confidence in this bidder, Imco, is because we've done work with them before," said Christine Pratt, spokeswoman. "We know them to do quality work. They have history of working with the district to find creative solutions to problems."

According to Pratt, IMCO asked the most questions prior to submitting the bid and did their homework on the project. This project is a federal requirement to improve the dam's seismic resistance.

"We're going to build a big, secondary wall to hold back the Columbia River in case of a very strong earthquake," said Pratt.


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