Temperatures are reaching triple digits as we head into August and with the hot weather, comes injuries related to water recreation as well as a desire to break social distancing habits.

"Every year there are over 100 people that drown in Washington state," said Dr. Beth Ebel, Harborview Medical Center pediatrician. "It's all preventable."

A lifejacket is a must for the entirety of the duration participating in water recreation, according to Dr. Ebel. Dr. Ebel suggests leading by example and notes that kids that see parents wearing a lifejacket are 14 times more likely to wear a life jacket themselves.

"Wear it all the time. Wear it in the canoe, the fishing boat, when you're kayaking, when you're on a small motor boat," said Dr. Ebel.

Hot weather also serves temptation to gather at pool parties and barbecues with more than folks in a household and closer than six feet proximity. Dr. Ebel added the desire to break social distancing habits resonates with herself too personally to see her parents, however she knows it could cause harm in a ripple effect.

"It would be putting them all at risk, then putting me at risk and the children I care for here at Harborview," said Dr. Ebel. "Until we beat this, and really beat it, we unfortunately got to be careful and care for each other."

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