Loren Culp has the endorsement of former President Trump in his bid to unseat 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse. Culp is the one time Police Chief of Republic, WA who lost to Jay Inslee in the 2020 race for Washington Governor.

Last week Culp announced the endorsement from Trump in a livestream video posted on facebook and that he and the former President had a ten minute conversation about his (Trump's)support in the race with Newhouse.

The Culp Campaign posted the endorsement from the former President on his website:

“Loren Culp is running against RINO (Republican In Name Only) Congressman Dan Newhouse in Washington’s 4th District. Newhouse joined the Radical Left Democrats to vote for the Impeachment Hoax, angering his constituents and causing the Republican Party of Washington to totally rebuke him. Loren Culp has protected the great people of Central Washington for years as a highly respected Police Chief. A man of the people, Loren will always defend your personal liberty, our under-siege Second Amendment, Election Integrity, and Law Enforcement. Unlike Dan Newhouse, who is absolutely terrible, Loren will never turn his back on Central Washington, or our Country. Loren Culp has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Gov. Jay Inslee won reelection in November 2020 by 545,000 votes but Culp refused to concede and challenged the results with a lawsuit. The lawsuit was withdrawn when Culp's attorney faced court sanctions over the merits of the case.

Newhouse is seeking his 5th term in Congress representing Washington's 4th congressional seat. Newhouse was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump over the Jan. 6th Capitol riot, drawing calls from some county GOP officials to resign. Newhouse has cited Trump's failure to stop the events of Jan. 6th as a failure to fulfill his oath of office.

Culp, state Rep. Brad Klippert, R-Kennewick, and Prosser businessman Jerrod Sessler were among the early candidates to announce campaigns to challenge Newhouse. The 2022 August Primary election also includes Republicans Benacio Garcia and Democrat Doug White as the only other candidates who have filed to run however, several others have declared their intentions to enter the race.

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