Moses Lake police are searching for a domestic violence suspect that earned himself some additional charges after eluding police twice in two days.

Chief Kevin Fuhr said officers found 29-year-old Isai Ramirez Alvarez in a Chevrolet minivan on Buell Street near the Home Depot and attempted a traffic stop.

Officers were unable to pursue the fleeing suspect, who also scraped the front bumper of a patrol car during his getaway.

"Later that night his vehicle was spotted in the same area on Buell Street." Fuhr said, "When officers contacted the car it was unoccupied. However, it was warm to the touch, therefore he had just recently been in it."

The minivan was seized and police will apply for a search warrant to comb the van for evidence.

Ramirez Alvarez is now facing felony eluding and hit-and-run charges on top of his domestic violence charges.

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