A letter by the Chelan-Douglas Health District to the Attorney General's Office is providing a better idea of the scope of who's information might be compromised by a data breach at the district.

Personal and medical information from approximately 108,906 residents may have been taken during a data breach that occurred in early July of last year, but was not revealed until last week. The number of potentially affected people equals over 88% of all of the residents in Chelan and Douglas counties combined, although some of those affected are likely from outside of the area.

The district said the hack occurred in early July of last year, with cybersecurity consultants finishing a review of the breach February 12th.

Administrator Luke Davies said the district took a little over a month to get word of the breach out to the community because it first had to consult with legal counsel and also draft a public notice.

For anyone who's Social Security numbers were impacted, the health district is offering a free one-year membership with a credit monitoring service.

The health district is providing a hotline for those that may have been impacted by last July’s data breach. Those with questions can call (844) 626-1280 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

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