A bill moving through the state legislature would expand abortion rights beyond women to include transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive people.

Republican Representative Michelle Caldier says the bill reaches way too far.

"It basically expands a board of services to men," said Caldier. "I don't understand that."

Democratic bill sponsor Nicole Macri says it removes outdated language in the law.

""It sends a clear signal that we intend for there to be access to care for all people, regardless of who they are, where they live in our state," said Macri

The bill would also expand the number of health providers allowed to perform abortions beyond doctors to include physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Caldier said the provision would dangerously open up complicated late term abortions to providers, who would not be qualified to perform the procedure. Democrats who back the bill say abortion procedures are safe and can be performed by a number of providers.

The measure will move to the House floor after receiving party line approval from the Democratic majority in the House Health Care & Wellness Committee.

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