Sen. Republican Leader Mark Schoesler is proposing legislation in the upcoming state legislative session that would end the Discover Pass requirement for vehicle access to state parks.

The state is expected to bring in 850-million-dollars more than anticipated when the current budget was passed in April, which Schoesler says is plenty to offset any lost revenue from the elimination of park fees.

"They've been paying this fee for about a decade. It's time to give something back to hardworking taxpayers."

Schoesler says eliminating the requirement would be a boost to tourism.

"The recession has been gone for about 10 years now and nobody has done anything for the hardworking taxpayer. In fact attendance at our state parks has gone down. I think that our state parks are a treasure to enjoy, not to be a revenue source."

The 2020 legislative session begins Jan. 13 and is scheduled to last 60 days.

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