Two juveniles who were allegedly involved in a previous felony incident at an Eastmont School District building were arrested Tuesday after reportedly running into the junior high with a weapon.

According to the East Wenatchee Police Department, the two male youths have both been expelled from Eastmont School District. Police say one juvenile was previously expelled this year from Eastmont Junior High School with the other was expelled from Eastmont High School.

East Wenatchee Police Chief Rick Johnson said the two were wearing blue bandannas and ran past staff at Eastmont Junior High who were attempting to stop them.

"Two males ran into the school like they had intent to do something, went to a specific location in the school. I believe the person they were looking for was not there." Johnson said, "They then exited the school, running out a different entrance. That's when a foot pursuit began."

Eastmont Junior High was placed on lockdown while the incident unfolded.

The pursuit, described by police as 'cat and mouse', took about 30 minutes and occurred in the neighborhood north of Eastmont Junior High.

"Multiple witnesses saw one of the juvenile males discard what was later discovered to be a weapon, like a brass knuckle-integrated knife. It was later recovered. Both juvenile males were taken into custody near the canal off of 11th Street," continued Johnson.

Johnson said the knife's blade is serrated and roughly 3 1/2 inches.

Both juveniles were booked into the Chelan County Juvenile Detention Center.

One suspect is charged with 1st Degree Burglary, Resisting Arrest and possibly 3rd Degree Assault for allegedly flight with police officers. Jonson said the suspect fled the scene of last week's trespassing incident that ended near Dan White Field, part of the Eastmont High School campus.

The other suspect is facing charges of 2nd Degree Burglary and Resisting Arrest. The same juvenile was arrested during last week's incident after allegedly attempting to physically prevent police from making an arrest and was eventually released from custody.

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