NCW libraries is getting a $20,000 grant to improve accessibility to its buildings in Brewster and Peshastin.

The projects will be completed in coordination with the Library’s Reimagining Spaces project to improve the interior of libraries.

The Brewster and Peshastin libraries were identified as candidates for funding because both buildings have accessibility challenges.

The money is coming through an American Library Association program to help small and rural libraries better serve people with disabilities.

“We are so proud to be chosen for this amazing opportunity,” said Kim Neher, NCW Libraries Deputy Director. “This grant will allow us to partner with residents in Brewster and Peshastin who have difficulty accessing and navigating their local library. We believe libraries are for everyone, and we want to strive to remove any barriers to access that the public might face.”

The grant includes a provision for NCW Libraries staff to take an online course on leading community conversations, which is seen as a vital skill for today’s library workers.

A release from NCW Libraries says staff will then host local conversations with residents about barriers to library access and will use the grant funds to identify key building improvements to address those barriers.

NCW Libraries was one of 240 libraries selected to participate in the “Libraries Transforming Communities: Accessible Small and Rural Communities” program from the American Library Association.

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