The Wenatchee City Council recently gave their approval to enter into an almost $2.6 million contract with KRCI Construction for the remaining elements of the Lincoln Park remodeling project.

David Erickson with the City of Wenatchee said the final phase of the project will include in part a bmx pump track, at least two group shelters, a new stage, a more open play area, and a splash pad.

The full project will cost over $3.6 million, although Wenatchee will only pay about $1.8 million after grants and donations.

"We do have six state, federal and county grants that we've secured for this project and three pretty significant donations as well," stated Erickson.

The 18.5 acre park was first opened in 1969 and saw most of its developments built in the 1970's. However, time has caught up with the park and structures like the stage, picnic shelter and play area have already been removed for safety reasons.

Construction is expected to start in the spring and end around Halloween.

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