Time is constantly rolling along. One day your favorite restaurant is here and seemingly doing well. Then, sometimes without notice, they suddenly disappear.

Places like:

The Cottage Inn - For years, this was the location that my in-laws would go to once a week. An upscale restaurant that had a comfortable feel about it.

Sonic Drive-in - I can't fault the employees, but man. The service really started to lack. THAT is on the ownership. Those kids needed good leaders to go along the good fast food.

Willie’s Sports Bar

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The Hunter’s Wife Health Bar

Pybus Bistro - Went here once with my dad and sister. Great food. Sorry it's gone.

Skippers - This is the one place I miss the most. I am the biggest fan of fish n chips of anyone you'll ever meet. All you can eat Skippers probably wasn't the best for me, but man did I love it. I miss Skippers on North Wenatchee Avenue.

Hart’s Fish n Chips - Where Alma's Kitchen is now. This is yet another fish n chip place that didn't last in the Wenatchee Valley. So sad to see it go.

Casa Herradura -  Went here once. Good Service, Good food. As a non-Spanish Speaker, I was proud to have known how to pronounce it. Casa AIR-uh-DURR-ah

Cafe Rio - Everytime I went here, I wished for Chipotle. Yes, I'm glad Chipotle finally arrived (in the exact same location). But I do miss Cafe Rio. You always want what you can't have.

Buffalo WIld Wings (It promised to open near Wenatchee Valley Mall…then it never did) Allegedly a nearby business (whom I won't name) was worried that BWW's would take away parking from their place and the franchise never arrived. Oh well.

El Abuelo (601 S. Mission)

Royal Fork - The old timey buffet restaurant that asked if you wanted "ham or roast beef?" at the end of the buffet line. I have fond memories of my grandparents taking me here.

Pizza Inn - The family owned pizza place that suddenly and sadly called it quits.

Pizza and More - A family member from the Pizza Inn, started this. Sad to have seen it go too.

Prospector Pies - My father in law LOVED this place.

Country Boys BBQ - THIS was Cashmere's crown jewel. Glad I gotta eat here a few times.

Lulu’s Restaurant (where Mi Lee Thai is) - I asked for a to-go menu on a random Tuesday. Came back a couple days later and it was ALL SHUT DOWN. I JUST missed it. Darn it.

Baskin and Robbins (31 Flavors) - THIS is the place that my 11 year old son gets sad and melancholy about. My wife worked here in high school. Another place we sorely miss.

Chris Hansen from KPQ mentioned Eddie Mays Hotel & Restaurant. In the 80s it was rebranded as “Nendel’s Restaurant at the Four Seasons

“the best biscuits and gravy around here" -Chris Hansen

A three night stay  at The Four Season Hotel was a prize on the Dating Game TV show in the 70s (where Fred Meyer/Hobby Lobby is currently located).

I asked Dave Bernstein from KPQ he misses:

Steven’s Restaurant (where Shakti’s is now)

“they had great food”

Sciraco’s (by Liberty Theater) family owned establishment that focused on helping teens with great food. 

The Chieftain Hotel & Restaurant (where The Best Western is on North Wenatchee Avenue) 

“They had good prime rib"

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