Christmas light displays are one of my favorite things about the holidays but I came across a report that was eye opening.  The amount people have to spend in some areas of the country to light up their homes for the holidays is enough to make the season NOT so merry and bright!

The study compared LED lights versus incandescent bulbs which on another note, you can still buy!  Remember the sale of incandescent and halogen light bulbs in the U.S. ended in August 2023 with the exception of Christmas lights.  You will still find incandescent Christmas light for sale and if you are on a budget, that may be your best bet but the cost to illuminate them is what this study looked at around the country.

Here in Washington, we are pretty fortunate!  The typical display with LED lights will cost $2.50 compared to $16.87 for incandescent bulbs.  The typical display was described as a few lighted wreaths, some garland a up to 10 strings of light on outdoor trees.  Lights were on from Thanksgiving through New Years in the study by

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But what if you live in Hawaii where the LED lights will cost you $9.00 to operate or almost $62 for incandescent bulbs?  Okay, you are living in paradise, but still!


Not your typical display A 2023 fully animated show lasts 49 minutes by homeowner Bill Nordgren Youtube
Not your typical display A 2023 fully animated show lasts 49 minutes by homeowner Bill Nordgren Youtube (watch video below)

It gets really expensive to light up for the holidays for the folks who go all out with extravagant displays or light shows.  We love it and drive through their neighborhood to enjoy the spectacle but be happy you are not footing the power bill!

These are the enthusiastic users and the electricity bill can run around $1,750+ for a display of incandescent lights, $225 for LED's  Californians going Clark Griswold with their lighting can fork out $1,290 or even $167 with LED's  Either way, that is a lot more than Washington's most extravagant home lighting displays are costing.

Take a look at the chart I included to see what the typical, more lavish and over-the-top Christmas lighting displays might be costing and what we pay on average in Washington state.

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