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According to the FBI's 2022 annual crime report, WA state now ranks second in the US per capita for stolen vehicles.

Colorado is number one, Oregon three

More populated states like CA, and New York had some higher numbers, but the FBI report ranks states based on the number of auto thefts for every 100,000 of population.

 Colorado had the worst rate, with a whopping 785 stolen cars per 100K,  WA state was second with a rate of 693 per 100K, and Oregon was third at 551,

Compare that with the national rate, which is 282 stolen vehicles per 100K of population.

Washington saw its rates increase significantly in 202, but Oregon did as well, auto theft rates rising 41 percent. It has not gotten better.

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According to Portland Police during the months of January and February of this year, an average of 30 vehicles were stolen per day.

Much of the issue in WA state stems from 2021 laws passed by the legislature that kept law enforcement from pursuing stolen vehicles. They were classified as property crimes, and the new laws prohibited pursuit. There has been some rollback since then, but it is very limited.

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