The Wenatchee School District will be holding an Early Childhood Option Fair in April. 

The fair is meant to provide one location where families can connect with the agencies and providers that offer early learning opportunities in the Wenatchee Valley. 

The district offers early childhood programs through the Castle Rock Early Learning Center preschool program and Transitional Kindergarten.  

Wenatchee School District Early Childhood Coordinator Emily Wilgus is the lead planner of the upcoming fair. 

She says what children learn from birth to age 5—and how they learn it—can have long-lasting effects on their success and health throughout life.  

“Not only do children learn academic skills, they also develop important social/emotional skills and problem-solving strategies that will aid them as they transition from preschool into kindergarten,” said Wilgus. 

According to a news release from the school district, Early Childhood Learning aims to provide children with strategies that help them develop the emotional, social, and cognitive skills needed to become lifelong learners.  

The news release says studies show that supporting children’s early learning can lead to higher test scores, better grades in reading and math, increased enrollment rates in post-secondary education, and improved mental health. 

The Early Childhood Option Fair will take place on April 15, 5:30-7:30 PM at the Wenatchee School District central office, 235 Sunset Ave, Wenatchee. Spanish translation services are available. 

Enrollment information for providers will be available, as well as additional Early Childhood Education information and resources. 


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