Link Transit routes will be adjusted in accordance with Apple Blossom festivities.

Apple Blossom 2024 is upon us, so many Link passengers can expect a mild - but hopefully nonintrusive - shakeup. Impacted routes will "remain on reroute until 3:30 p.m." on the afternoon on Saturday, April 27, according to a Link Transit press release.

The 27th is Youth Parade day. About 4500 area youngsters are expected to participate.

"All the road closures are basically done with by about 3:00, 3:30," says Eric West, marketing and communications coordinator for Link Transit.

Reroutes will be in effect for the entirety of May 4 - the day of the hotly anticipated Grand Parade. A note to Route 21 & 22 passengers: these routes travel through East Wenatchee on May 4.

"That's a little longer distance to travel," acknowledges West. "The time [passengers] arrive at Olds Station may not be quite what they would otherwise."

The amended schedule does present some daunting challenges. Every effort will be made not to inconvenience commuters, says West, but some may feel blindsided by "messed up" connections or late buses. Then there the drivers themselves. They need to be kept apprised of every detail.

"We have some operational challenges - you know, making sure the drivers know the reroutes are there," says West. "Because it's a one- or two-day only thing. [The drivers] have to know those reroutes first thing in the morning."

A more thorough breakdown of the various reroutes can be gleaned here. Passengers should also consult the myStop mobile app; all reroutes will be displayed there on both April 27 and May 4.

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