Roads in the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest are getting more use with summer recreation picking up. 

Some forest roads are paved, but are mostly dirt surfaces the deeper they stretch into the woods. 

National Forest spokesperson Robin DeMario says work is being performed on some of the roads. 

"Like everywhere else, summertime is a time to get road construction and road repair work done," said DeMario. "And that is occurring in the national forest." 

White River Road near Lake Wenatchee is a forest road which recently reopened after landslide debris was removed. 

Number Two Canyon Road in the Wenatchee River Ranger District is open, but has pot holes, mud puddles and some ruts, according to an update in late May from the Ranger District. 

Many forest roads also have single lane dirt surfaces which require special attention from drivers. 

DeMario says oncoming traffic can present problems on those roads. 

"We recommend people drive slower so that they can be prepared in case they encounter oncoming traffic," DeMario said. "You can figure out a place to pull over, so that your two vehicles then can pass one another." 

The Forest Service is advising drivers that there's typically limited turn around space on most forest roads. 

In addition, four-wheel-drive and high vehicle clearance are always recommended for travel on forest roads.  

It is also not permitted to move or drive around any traffic barricades on any Forest Service roadway, even if the road appears drivable. 

Anyone wanting to travel on roads in the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest can check forest's website for road conditions.   

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