12th District Senator Brad Hawkins says his bill that would provide PUDs a tax break similar to other sustainable resources is part of the state's supplemental operating budget when they refurbish equipment for hydroprojects looks like it will be passed by the end of the session.

"The cost impact to the state in this case translates to a benefit for the Chelan PUD customer/owners. That particular bill has been approved by the Senate and is now factored into the proposed budget."

The bill is also expected to be voted out of the House Finance Committee Thursday and move to a full House vote.

Hawkins says he while he isn't 100 percent sure, he thinks he will vote for the supplemental operating budget even though he wishes there were more savings and tax breaks included with the extra revenue.

Also, the

Wenatchee Valley Museum will get some from the state legislature if the Senate's version of the supplemental capital budget passes.

Hawkins says it's for community space improvements for the large gathering area in the main building.

"Unfortunately the museum building, probably being 100 years old, is not really built for that function. I've been working with Museum Executive Director Keni Sturgeon and others to see if we could make improvements there."

He says it could go towards things like lighting, the sound system or even an interior wall.

Also part of the Senate-approved capital budget is $2 million for the Parkside Behavioral Health Facility.

Catch the full interview from Thursday's Morning Report:

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