Columbia Valley Community Health is partnering with the Wenatchee School District to vaccinate students that are eligible Saturday, May 15th.

Katharine Bohm with CVCH says they are hoping to vaccinate eligible 16-18 year olds, but could expand if the FDA authorizes the use of Pfizer for younger kids.

"Should it happen that they do not open it up for 12-year-olds, we're expecting to open it up to other school districts if there are parents that are interested in bringing their kids to get the Pfizer vaccine."

Parents must be present the day of the clinic, and appointments can be made by calling CVCH at 509-662-6000.

Bohm says they are going to the high school cafeteria to increase comfort levels with parents and their kids.

"Break down some barriers by putting it in a school district. They know those teachers, they know those school nurses, so coming into that cafeteria could be a little less scary. We're trying to get creative in every way we can."

Dr. Paul Gordon, Superintendent for Wenatchee Public Schools said, "By providing families with access to free vaccines for their eligible students, we are working toward building an even safer learning environment and community."

If you would like to get vaccinated or get your child vaccinated, contact CVCH and they will schedule a first and second dose appointment.

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