Washington State coach Nick Rolovich is waiting to find out of his his religious exemption from getting vaccinated for COVID-19 will be granted.

Rolovich has confirmed that his former coach, June Jones, was correct in telling USA Today that Rolovich was applying for a exemption.

All state employees are required to be vaccinated for the virus, and Rolivich at $3.2 million, is the highest paid state employee.

His vaccination status has been revealed as a new rule is now in effect requiring all people attending WSU games to be vaccinated or have a negative virus test.

Students at WSU must also show proof of vaccination in order to register fro spring classes.

An order from Governor Jay Inslee requires state employees to be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption by next Monday, October 18th.

Rporting from the New York Times shows Rolovich as one of 437 university employees to requests for a religious exemption, with 98 having beengranted as of Friday.

Rolovich said Saturday that he had not heard whether his request, which will be considered without his name or department being revealed, had been approved.

If an exemption is granted, Rolovich's supervisor Pat Chun (who hired Rolovich) will decide if he is still able to perform his job. Typically someone who works alone can be accomodated.

If the exemption is denied, Rolovich could appeal, be vaccinated or be fired.

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