The 32nd annual Make A Difference Day (MKDD) is happening this Saturday (October 22) in the Wenatchee Valley.

The occasion is designed to encourage people to give back to their community by doing something that beautifies and improves its surroundings or helps those who also call it home.

MKDD projects coordinator, Dawnette Thomas, says there are plenty of projects to choose from this year that have already been planned.

“We have 40 different projects so far. There are a variety which are outdoor, as well as indoor. There’s some that involve physical labor, while other are just accepting donations. There are things for all ages and all abilities.”

This year’s projects include everything from bike repair and wood cutting to sculpture cleaning and graffiti removal.

Thomas adds that it’s also not too late to start a project of your own and add to the already-lengthy list of ways to make a difference.

“We would like to encourage anyone to get involved. So even if you’re just going out to pick up trash somewhere with a group of soccer kids or something like that, put your project on our website so people can find it and help you to do good things.”

A full list of projects can be found at

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