Washington State 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse is running for re-election on the November ballot.

The 67-year-old Republican from Sunnyside has been in office since 2015 and is seeking a third term.

Newhouse says he’s increasingly concerned about the recent rate of inflation, especially fossil fuels, and points to several ways he believes the problem can be addressed.

“What do we do about all of these inflationary pressures? The first thing we can do is stop the out of control federal spending – that would be a great start. And then we can start utilizing the resources that we have in this country. The solution to high energy costs is literally right under our feet.”

Newhouse is also troubled by the nation’s border crisis and has promised to continue fighting for immigration reform.

“If we don’t have a sovereign border, if we don’t know who’s coming in and why - then the security that we need to make certain the people of this country should have cannot be guaranteed. This is a critical national security issue.”

Newhouse’s campaign for re-election has also focused on gun rights, abortion, and agriculture.

He is running against Democratic challenger Doug White, who lost the August primary by less than 600 votes to Newhouse in a race that also included six other Republican hopefuls.

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