Becky Subido is running for Leavenworth Mayor against current Mayor Carl Florea and Sociology professor Richard Brinkman in the 2023 General Election.

Subido said she has been considering running for local government for several years, but is now running due to the current state of Leavenworth City Hall.

“I've become increasingly frustrated with the direction that things have gone and the lack of input, consideration, and respect given to the community members," Subido said. "The community has become really fractured.”

She states that her experience in community engagement, behavioral health, and business will help bring the Leavenworth community back together

Subido currently serves as the Executive Director of UVCares Mental Health Clinic, and is an adjunct professor for Washington State University’s Carson College of Business. She also served as a Superior Court Guardian ad Litem for over 30 years.

Regarding affordable housing and increasing the supply of workplace housing, Subido says the city has created more problems than solutions regarding sustainable growth management.

She said she sees both sides to the affordable housing dilemma, noting her frustration with the lack of housing available for existing residents, but understands the conditions of our capitalistic society.

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“An option for creating affordable housing is to put a cap on newly built affordable housing,” Subido said. “I don't support providing 20-year tax relief to developers, because any tax relief means it's going to create a further burden on the current taxpayers, so if we're just simply going to shift the taxes, we have not accomplished that goal.”

Subido says the city needs to focus on improving existing infrastructure like road maintenance and existing water systems before accepting new development plans. 

Another point of contention for Subido is the city’s lack of public involvement with business entities.

“I think most municipalities will utilize private and public ventures and create that synergy, so that everyone within the center of that triangle, [such as] the community members, benefit,” Subido said. “There's been a number of proposals that resolve some of our problems such as parking, that have not only been tossed aside, but they haven't even been listened to.”

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