Despite dropping out of the race, there’s one candidate listed on the primary ballot for Chelan County Commissioner who could still advance to the general election this November.

Zachary Miller, a Plain resident and Leavenworth business owner, withdrew from the running on June 22.

But in doing so, Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says Miller missed a critical deadline.

“There’s a day certain following filing week that a candidate can withdraw from a race,” explained Moore. “If that date is missed and the candidate has not withdrawn officially, they are going to be on the ballot. And any votes cast for them will be counted.”

Moore adds that not only will Miller’s name still appear on the primary ballot…he could even win the election.

“In the event that Miller were to be one of the top two candidates, he would continue to move on. Even though he’s stated that he wished to remove himself from the race and suspended his campaign - because he missed the withdrawal date back in May.”

Two other candidates who have not dropped out of the race will appear next to Miller on the primary ballot; Leavenworth City Councilperson Anne Hessberg and Wenatchee business owner Shon Smith.

Primary ballots are expected to arrive to registered voters in Chelan County by the end of this week.

Washington’s primary election takes place on August 2.

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