There's some local apprehension over a bill in the state legislature that would loosen some signage restrictions on cannabis retailers. 

Letter sent by Together For Youth

Chelan County commissioners Tuesday discussed a letter they received from the Wenatchee substance abuse prevention group Together for Youth. 

Commissioner Shon Smith says the group raises legitimate concerns. 

"It's that creep that comes in quietly and slowly, so it's not noticed," said Smith. "That is something that Together for Youth is very concerned about, with keeping our kids away from the temptation, or the over advertising of and sensationalization of cannabis usage." 

More about SB 6353

The bill would allow the number of advertising signs outside a cannabis retailer's licensed premises to increase from two to four.  

It passed the Senate nearly unanimously, 48-1 earlier this month, and is now in the House. The bill was first introduced in the legislature in 2023 and was reinvigorated this year. 

The bill allows for separate trade name signs that display the business name as it appears on the license issued to the licensee, provided the signs comply with local regulations related to the size and number of signs.  

The enforcement of trade name sign requirements would be the responsibility of the local government.  

Also under the bill, trade name signs could only reflect the trade name of the licensed business and could not contain cannabis products or product brand names. 

The bill is being opposed by the Washington Association for Substance Misuse and Violence Prevention, which claims the increased signage would lead to an increase in the use of cannabis among youth and harm lower-income communities. 

Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay indicated Tuesday he would check into the bill, SB 6353, as the commission's chief liaison to the Washington State Legislature.

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