The Regional Sports Complex is getting $525,000 in funding from the state legislature, with the money included in the state's operating budget ($225,000) and capital budget ($300,000).

The money from the operating budget is earmarked for site evaluation and pre-design while the capital budget money is designated for public engagement efforts in Chelan and Douglas counties.

A feasibility study is now being conducted with consulting firm BerryDunn to determine what the regional sports center would look like, where it would be located and how it would be paid for.

The state operating and capital budgets were approved by lawmakers in the last days of this year's legislative session last week.

The operating budget totals $71.9 billion and funds the day-to-day operations of the state, while the capital budget ($10.3 billion) funds construction and infrastructure projects across the state.

The money is available through June 30, 2025, the end of the state’s budget cycle

The next step in a feasibility study for a regional sports complex for Chelan and Douglas counties will heavily concentrate on design concepts of a 50-meter-long indoor pool.

The project's steering committee has approved the second phase of the study with a priority of looking at an aquatic center that could draw large crowds to regional competitions.

The steering committee includes Chelan and Douglas County mayors and county commissioners as well as members of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Business Council, Confluence Health Hospitals and the Velocity Swimming group.

The feasibility study is being paid for by Chelan and Douglas counties, the cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, the Regional Port Authority and a group that oversees the Town Toyota Center.

A rundown of their financial commitments is below:

  • Greater Wenatchee Public Facilities District (Town Toyota Center) $100,000
  • Chelan County $ 50,000
  • Douglas County $ 50,000
  • City of Wenatchee $ 40,000
  • City of East Wenatchee $ 30,000
  • Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority $ 30,000

Once the feasibility study is complete, the Port's involvement in the process will be over.

Funding for a regional sports complex would require voter approval for two tenths of 1% (0.2%) sales tax increase. The state legislature approved the funding process in the past year.

Cities and communities as well as residents in Chelan and Douglas counties would participate in funding the project based on voting results.

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