Republican state Representatives Mike Steele of Chelan and Keith Goehner of Dryden are announcing the inclusion of more than $26 million for 12th district projects in the new supplemental capital budget (2ESSB 5949).

Rep. Keith Goehner's office
Rep. Keith Goehner's office

More than half of the money is going toward the Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center, which supports area high school students and is operated by the Wenatchee School District.

Other major recipients are Leavenworth Affordable Workforce Rental Housing and the Chelan Municipal Airport Extension.

The budget received unanimous approval from both House and Senate lawmakers Wednesday in Olympia.

Steele is the Deputy Republican House Leader and assistant ranking member on the Capital Budget Committee.

He expressed his satisfaction that Democrats and Republicans worked together on the final budget.

"This is a good budget," said Steele, R-Chelan. "Through bipartisan cooperation, we deployed funds across Washington to address crucial areas such as affordable housing, infrastructure, school construction, and job creation.

Goehner said the 12th District projects will bring prosperity to the area.

"The inclusion of more than $26 million in district-funded projects in the 2024 supplemental capital budget is a significant win for our communities," said Goehner. "These funds will support critical initiatives that will enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to the long-term prosperity of our districts."

12th District-funded project highlights include:

  • Chelan Municipal Airport Extension: $1 million
  • Crail Cottages: $248,000
  • Leavenworth Affordable Workforce Rental Housing (Leavenworth): $1.3 million
  • Sky Valley Youth Center: $1.53 million
  • Alatheia Capacity building Capital Project: $150,000
  • Chelan County Hazard Mitigation: $98,000
  • Manson Grange Hall Improvement Project: $193,000
  • Old Swim Hole Revitalization Project: $206,000
  • Regional Sports Complex-Site Evaluation and Pre-Design: $300,000
  • Town of Index Safety and ADA Access Improvements: $25,000
  • Wenatchee Valley College: Softball Facilities: $462,000
  • Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center: $14.463 million
  • Eagle Creek Barrier Design and Replacement: $354,000
  • Peoples Creek Fish Passage: $380,000
  • Middle Fork Snoqualimie: $835,000
  • Morning Star: $3.5 million
  • CBPS SBCTC Statewide: Utility Submeters for Clean Buildings Act: $147,000

Public Schools:

  • PG Skykomish: $27,000
  • SD Skykomish: $1.234 million

The final 2024 supplemental capital budget spends $1.33 billion, including $130.6 million in bonds.

A news release from House Republicans noted the budget makes investments in K-12 school construction, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facilities, and early learning facilities.

Find a complete list of 12th District projects included in the capital budget here.

Review budget documents here.

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