A 23-year-old Cashmere man will avoid jail time after a DUI rollover crash that injured a passenger almost a year ago 

Chelan County Superior Court Judge Travis Brandt sentenced Shane McCormick to community service Monday after charges against McCormick were reduced from vehicular assault to attempted vehicular assault. 

A passenger suffered several broken bones when McCormick rolled his car on Mission Creek Road in Cashmere last June. 

His blood alcohol level of 0.2 was more than twice the legal limit after the crash. 

McCormick's 30-day prison sentence is being converted to 240 hours of community service. He will also enter a plea in Chelan County District Court to DUI under the same plea arrangement. He will be required to drive with an ignition interlocking device for 12 months. He will also be required to serve a year of supervised release. 

McCormick and his two passengers were going northbound on Mission Creek Road in Cashmere at about 1 am on June 23, 2023, when he lost control, resulting in a rollover collision. 

The silver Kia sedan was found on its side on the 4000 block of Mission Creek Road, Cashmere. 

One of the passengers was taken to Central Washington Hospital with a broken scapula bone and several fractures to his neck vertebrae. 

According to court documents, the silver Kia sedan smelled strongly of intoxicants, and McCormick had bloodshot eyes and slurred his speech at the time. 

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