The former Wenatchee charity and thrift store operator who lost a state lawsuit over sexually harassing dozens of women is appealing the $1.5 million decision against him. 

A Chelan County jury last month found Thelbert M. "Thad" Lawson and his wife Karen Jean Monroe civilly liable for patterns of sexually charged harassment and retaliation at Veterans Warehouse stores in Kennewick and Wenatchee. 

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The lawsuit was brought by the Washington Attorney General's Office, who also asked for court costs and fees from Lawson, as well as a motion barring him from being in any supervisory role of women in the future. 

Lawson and his wife filed a notice of appeal of the $1,467,267.50 judgement to the Washington Appeals Court in Spokane Monday. 

Attorney Peter Hawkins and the Seattle Litigation Group PLLC filed a notice last week in Chelan County Superior Court that they were withdrawing from the defense of Lawson and his wife. 

The jury deliberated for eight days on June 6 after hearing testimony from victims that Lawson sexually harassed or physically groped them and subjected them to firing or other retaliation if any formal complaints were filed. The jury also heard testimony from Lawson himself denying the accusations. 

The jury determined Lawson harassed seven of his store employees and five members of public, including volunteers and shoppers at the two stores, by "regularly commenting on and asking questions about their sex lives and asking them to expose their bodies to him". 

The 12 victims were awarded individual damages in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $275,000, and the $1.5 million total award also includes $17,000 in back wages owed to Lawson's employees who were victimized. 

Lawson had previously been convicted of misdemeanor assault against a woman who shopped at the Veterans Warehouse store in Wenatchee in 2021. 

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