The Community Foundation of NCW is now accepting applications for its new Legacy Funds Grant program. 

The Legacy program replaces the Regional Impact Grant to bring the grant-making process to a more local level. 

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Director of Community Grants Jennifer Short says volunteers on Local Advisory Boards (LAB) will now review applications and award grants within their own communities. 

"We're bringing community members on board so that local people can make local decisions about funding in their communities," said Short. 

According to a release by the Community Foundation, the LABs represent a broad cross section of each community, including long-time and newer residents as well as working and retired people.  

Advisors provide leadership and input and recommend the grant awards from their community’s Legacy Fund. 

Previously, the trustees of the Foundation would award grants after conducting site visits to nonprofit groups that applied for funding.  

Now, a trustee will provide guidance for each LAB. “Each LAB also includes a foundation Trustee and staff to help direct and guide the process," Short said. “We’re looking forward to including more community members in our grant-making process as they understand their community’s critical needs and enrichment opportunities best.” 

More than half-a-million dollars will be awarded this year to local nonprofits in Cashmere, Chelan Valley, Upper Valley, and Wenatchee Valley. 

The areas represent the boundaries of the local school districts for Cashmere, Leavenworth (which includes Plain, Peshastin and Dryden), Chelan Valley (Chelan and Manson) and the Wenatchee area (the Wenatchee and Eastmont school districts). 

Qualified charitable nonprofit organizations will complete the same online application, regardless of location. The application process is now open with a deadline of August 15. 

The Community Foundation will eventually have more than 10 different Community Advisory Boards in the region.  

Right now, Okanogan County has one LAB for the entire county, except Methow Valley, which has had its own LAB since 2006. 

Future plans call for three LABs to handle the northern, central and southern portions of Okanogan County. 

The grant application for charitable agencies in Okanogan County will open in Spring 2025 while all others will open in Fall 2024. 

The Legacy Funds themselves have been established by donors – some through their will or bequest, others by living donors – who gave meaningful gifts directed to support their community.  

The latest change reshapes the Community Foundation's competitive grantmaking program to carry out the wishes of the donor and capture the knowledge of community members so that local giving can make a greater impact. 

The foundation serves Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties using charitable gifts to support local communities. It manages assets including scholarships as well as grant funds.   

It’s also one of more than 25 community foundations around the state along with counterparts in Seattle, Snohomish County and Tacoma, among others.   

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington is funded through private donations and receives no government grant funding. 

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