Doug White is a candidate for U.S. Representative in Washington State’s 4th Congressional District.

The Democrat is a native of Yakima with a background in agriculture and digital marketing.

White says one of the state and nation’s current issues he intends to address if elected to Congress, is immigration reform.

“We cannot lose our small farmers and we need to be able to have the most effective solutions for our big agriculture in order to be able to have seasonal, migrant workers with the least amount of barriers.”

Housing, healthcare, water, and violent crime are also among White’s chief concerns.

He also believes the nation needs to change how it allocates financial assistance and incentives, and points to federal money given to his opponent’s businesses during the pandemic as an example of why.

“The government granted $300 billion worth of PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans to wealthy individuals and corporations, then immediately forgave the loans. (Dan) Newhouse was one of them, he took $350,000 and I don’t think anybody would suggest that he needed that money since he’s one of the richest farmers in the state and one of the richest members of Congress.”

White is running against Republican incumbent Dan Newhouse on the November ballot.

White finished second to Newhouse in the August primary by less than 600 votes statewide as part of a race that featured six other Republican challengers.

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