Chelan County has awarded $923,000 to four organizations for the purpose of community development.

Chelan County Commissioner, Bob Bugert, says the money was provided through an allotment the county receives annually called Cascade Public Infrastructure Funding.

“Each year the state provides Chelan County with a tax remittance for us to invest in public projects that will increase our economic development in the area.”

Bugert adds that this year’s funding awards were able to be received by a sector of community development which had previously been ineligible for the assistance.

“This was a unique year, due to the fact that through some legislative changes that occurred just last year thanks to Senator (Brad) Hawkins, we were able to consider applications for workforce housing projects – which the three commissioners feel is a very important consideration.”

The Housing Authority of Chelan County received $324,000; Upper Valley Mend was awarded $310,000; Chelan Valley Housing Trust was given $189,000; And Chelan County Fire District No. 5 in Manson received $100,000.

A citizen’s committee reviewed and ranked all of the originally-submitted projects prior to the county’s final approval.

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