Drivers traveling into the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest this time of year are being advised to prepare for the elements. 

Forest spokesperson Robin DeMario says drivers should have the proper clothes and equipment to stay warm in case they run out of fuel, break down or get stuck. 

She says a driver just recently got stuck on Icicle Road outside of Leavenworth. 

"A person drove up there, got their vehicle stuck, didn't have the means to get unstuck, nor the warm equipment to be able to leave the vehicle," said DeMario. "So, they were stuck there overnight and were rescued by snow mobilers the next day." 

DeMario says it's important to have warm clothes and blankets in case you get stuck in the national forest at night.  

"Most people dress to arrive at a destination and, maybe not to survive a night out," Demario said. "So, dress to survive. Wear clothing that's appropriate for that time of year. That way, you're even more prepared." 

DeMario says it's important to stay with your vehicle if you get stuck, because it'll keep you dry and protected from the weather. 

The foot wells will be the coldest part of the vehicle. Place padding under your feet to insulate them. 

Other tips from the national forest when getting stuck in a vehicle: 

Running the engine for short periods of time will keep the inside of the car warm.  

Run the engine about 10 minutes each hour or for shorter periods each half hour but only after ensuring that the exhaust is not damaged, and the tail pipe is clear of snow and other debris.  

Run the engine on the hour or half-hour — times that coincide with news and weather broadcasts.  

Charge your cell phone while you are running the engine.  

Remember to ventilate the vehicle by opening a downwind window about an inch. 

Be sure to have your winter safety survival kit with you. Plan and tell somebody else where you are going, your travel route, when you plan to return, and when you will check back in with them. 

Move all your emergency equipment, survival kit, and other useful gear into the passenger compartment with you.  

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