A man long sought by the Columbia River Drug Task Force faces numerous charges after officers say he attempted to flee in a vehicle and rammed it into two police cars. 

Officers say 37-year-old Steven Irland then fled on foot before quickly being overtaken near a garage off Douglas Street in Rock Island where he was located. 

The altercation took place at about 2pm Tuesday.

Chelan County Sheriff's Chief Ryan Moody says the amount evidence found in Irland's vehicle will bring major charges. 

"These are the types of people that they routinely take off the streets," said Moody. "People that are into this level of drug dealing, and this level of gun possession and that kind of stuff." 

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the vehicle Irland was in. In the vehicle detectives recovered an E-Bike stolen out of Leavenworth, a pistol grip shotgun, AR15 rifle, approximately 1000 fentanyl pills, fentanyl powder, illegal mushrooms, and items used for distribution of drugs. 

Evidence - Image from Chelan County Sheriff's Office
Evidence - Image from Chelan County Sheriff's Office

The Columbia River Drug Task Force will be contacting federal agencies for possible federal charges in addition to the local charges. 

Moody said there are typically a handful of cases the task force has in which they pursue federal charges. He said they attempt to elevate some cases to the federal level because federal penalties are generally more severe than those at the state or local level. 

Moody also said cases such as the one involving Irland are not unusual, although his actions in attempting to escape are. 

“Usually, they don’t react in this manner,” Moody said. “So, it is extraordinary for people to ram police cars and that kind of stuff to get away.” 

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