If you were to ask elementary school children what law they would like to see lawmakers pass this legislative session, it would probably be the so-called recess bill.

The proposal in Washington State would require elementary schools to give students a minimum of 45 minutes of recess when the school day is longer than five hours or 30 minutes when the school day is shorter than 30 minutes.

Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig is co-sponsoring the bill to encourage greater emphasis on mental and physical health.

"To provide a minimum amount of time for recess in elementary school, and also, if there's indoor recess' to make sure there is adequate space to move around," Billig added. "Just some time to decompress and move around, especially for those young students, but also making sure that there's space to do that and the space within the school day."

Under the bill set for legislative discussion this week, recess would have to be held outside whenever possible.

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