A 15-year-old's family has reportedly indicated they will seek a restraining order but will not press charges after the boy was rendered unconscious following a fight at the Grant County Fair.

Grant County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman said the Tuesday evening fight was between two 15-year-old boys that had prior conflict.

The victim reportedly ducked under an initial punch from the other teen before both ended up on the ground. The victim was then reportedly put into a choke hold.

"We were told by the mother of the15-year-old who was put in the choke hold that he was unconscious for one to two minutes," Foreman said.

Security broke up the fight and both teens left the scene. The mother of the boy who was rendered unconscious reported the incident to law enforcement the next day and was given victim resource information. The family does have the ability to press charges in the future.

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