The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is now offering firewood permits for the Colockum Wildlife Area near Wenatchee.

People who get the permits can cut and haul up to five cords of firewood for personal use from designated forest land in the area.

The permits are being offered for the purpose of reducing the density of trees (from 120 to 140 trees per acre now to about 30 trees per acre) in a woodsy section of the Colockum Wildlife Area.

The goal is to restore forest health and prevent wildfires.

The Department anticipates issuing 30 permits for the first section of forest land, with six sections available in future permitting phases across 900 acres in the Colockum Wildlife Area.

Permits are available on a first come, first serve basis, with applicants being allowed to gather firewood through October of this year.

Harvesters can cut from slash piles or downed wood. Gathering firewood from standing trees is prohibited.

A map of the current section open for gathering firewood is here.

Harvesters will need a Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass to park on Department of Fish and Wildlife lands.

Interested applicants should complete a firewood permit and mail it to the Department’s South Central Region Office:

  • Attn: Randy Carbary
  • 1701 South 24th Avenue
  • Yakima, WA 98902-5720

A release on Tuesday from the Department of Fish and Wildlife says the agency has used a variety of forest management tools sine 2014 to lower risks and restore forests to their historic, healthier states.

It says restored forests decrease severe wildfire risk, improve health and habitat for fish and wildlife species, and protect homes and local communities.

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