The Washington State Department of Health says the flu vaccine is widely available and everyone from six months and older should get one before Halloween. Health Promotions Supervisor Danielle Koenig says it's hard to predict flu strain and activity but getting the shot is important.

"There are a lot of people who put a lot of thought into which strains they are going to put into the vaccine and we hope that's a good match, but even when it's not as good of a match, it's still pretty good protection. It's always good to get your shots and get some protection against the very serious disease."

Koenig says getting a flu shot is generally quick and easy and even if it doesn't prevent the flu entirely, it will lessen your symptoms.

She also noted it's particularly important for young people.

"We do, unfortunately, see deaths among kids. We had two kids die in Washington from the flu last year. We want to make sure that they are protected. That's one of those diseases that can travel really fast in a school setting and/or child care setting because they're so many kids there. [We want to] make sure they're as protected as they can be."

Koenig says if you need to know where you can get your flu shot, check out

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