Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Hillary Franz announced Tuesday that all recreational and public access to DNR-managed lands in Eastern Washington will be closed starting Friday due to the extreme fire danger and ongoing drought.

Franz said she made the decision based on the extremely hot and dry conditions, as well as the current fuel load, concern for public safety and a weather forecast that shows no signs of precipitation in the near future.

"The fact is these fires are too many and this season is looking too long." Franz explained, "The risks that are being presented to our residents, our communities and our firefighters is far too great."

The closure will apply to DNR-managed state lands, conservation areas, community forests and any associated roads, trails, campgrounds, recreational sites or recreational facilities. Those with deposits on things like cabins and camp sights will be refunded.

Franz added that if Washington was alone in this fire danger things perhaps would be different, but as it is many other states have the same risks and all state and federal resources have been deployed. She said rainfall will be the biggest factor in deciding when the temporary closure will be rescinded.

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