Washington Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz was in Wenatchee Monday morning to announce the launch of the Wildfire Ready program.

She says it's about preparing your property to minimize its risk.

"Residents will be given a detailed action plan that will set the steps they can take this spring as well as information about local resources and contractors that can help them get started. The goal is to provide immediate action. There is no time to waste."

She says Eastern Washington is home to 2.7 million acres of forest that are dead and dying which is contributing to mass wildfires.

Franz also noted there are many lives on the line during wildfire season.

"We cannot forget what happened to towns like Malden or Omak. We know the potential for wildfire damages here in the Wenatchee area as well. Some of the most fire-prone risk areas in our state are located in Chelan, Okanogan and Spokane Counties. That's why we're starting here."

She says it's about protecting your home and family, but also about protecting firefighters who put their life on the line to fight these blazes.

Sign up for the free service at WildfireReady.com.

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