Posters of a cartoon unicorn in Mission View Elementary in Wenatchee are creating quite the stir.

Dozens of parents and citizens are complaining of posters of "The Gender Unicorn", which includes a diagram attempting to explain gender identity and expression among other things. The posters were placed in some rooms by staff.

The Wenatchee School District provided the following statement on the posters:

We have reviewed materials and looked into the origin and use of these materials in classrooms within the District.

The poster is not part of any district-adopted curriculum or instruction; therefore, our staff are not using this poster as teaching material. These materials were placed in some classrooms by staff members for the purpose of promoting an inclusive environment for all students.  Staff commonly decorate classrooms with posters and other messaging intended to build rapport with students and to promote the District’s mission and values.  In this instance, the poster chosen by staff appears to be reasonably intended to further those legitimate purposes.  The posters do not advocate or encourage bias or prejudice.  Instead, they are aimed at promoting an environment of inclusion and understanding at the school.  As reflected in its recently adopted strategic plan framework, and consistent with state law and OSPI guidance, one of the District’s priorities is to create “welcoming spaces where all individuals flourish, are seen and valued, feel safe, and know they belong.”  This priority applies across all District schools and classrooms.  For all these reasons, at present these posters do not appear to violate any applicable, pre-existing policy. 

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