Grant PUD has several areas set in the county for its fiber optic network expansion plans in 2021.

"We've been expanding the last two years," said Ryan Holterhoff, public affairs officer. "We currently have 75% of our county residents have access to our fiber optic broadband network."

The PUD has a plan in place to reach all county residents with the fiber optic broadband network. Within the plan, the county is divided up into 40 remaining areas that still need access to the network.

"At the end of this year, we'll be through area 19," said Holteroff. "It's really exciting we're making this progress."

In 2021, Grant PUD strives to expand fiber and/or complete construction to the following areas:

Cave B and Beverly Burke areas west of George
Southwest of Ephrata along Highway 283 and Road 9 NW
From Gloyd to Stratford
Southeast of Moses Lake from Perch Point to I-90.
South of Ephrata along Dodson Road from Road 9 NW to I-90
Area surrounding Royal City from Frenchman Hills to Highway 26
Rural areas around Hartline

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