It is Easter Holy Week and for many, an Easter Sunday service may be the only worship service they attend all year..

The high point of the Christian calendar, Easter services at many churches will expand into Saturday worship to accommodate parishioners and the extra attendance. We are listing schedules for many services below.

Pastor Josh McPherson of Grace City Church in Wenatchee says the Easter service is a celebration, not only of the resurrection of Christ but a party-like celebration.

"Sunday mornings for us are always a celebration, but Easter is just a huge party. It's a Super Bowl Sunday of Sundays for us as a church and people are gonna find a lot of music, a lot of laughing some good food, a lot of wonderful people." McPherson said on a recent edition of KPQ's The Agenda program.

McPherson's says his Easter message will focus on revival drawing from an Old Testament passage where God asks the prophets looking at across a valley of dry bones if they think the dry bones can live?"  McPherson believes it is powerful imagery of what the Spirit of God can do in many areas of life that appear dead; relationships, our mental state, families, marriages, or one's soul.

"Because the message of the gospel is that God can take that which is dead and make it alive again, and that's what we will preach on Sunday." said McPherson

McPherson suggests attending an Easter Service is a great way to find a new church or to begin attending one you like regularly.

"We just encourage everyone to find a church, any church in the valley this week.  All of us are looking for a place, a family to be loved, and a family to be accepted. And that's what we have here at Grace city and many churches across the valley. I think people would be delightfully surprised. In many of the churches they would find people ready to love them, and welcome them with open arms into a new family."--Pastor J. McPherson Grace City Church

Pastor Josh McPherson during a sermon at Grace City Church/photo credit: GCC facebook
Pastor Josh McPherson during a sermon at Grace City Church/photo credit: GCC faceboo
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A selection of Easter services around the Wenatchee Valley

Grace City Church  277 Melody Lane, Wenatchee, WA

--Saturday 6:30pm Sunday 8:00am|9:45am|11:30am

Sage Hills Church 1601 5th Street Wenatchee, WA

--Saturday 4:30pm|6:00pm Sunday 9:00am|10:30am

St. Joseph's Catholic Church 625 S. Elliott Ave. Wenatchee, WA

--Saturday 8:30pm Sunday 7:00am|9:00am|11:00am|12:30pm

St. Paul's Lutheran Church 312 Palouse Street, Wenatchee, WA

--Sunday 10:15am

Hope Church 1410 Maple Street (Foothills Middle School) Wenatchee, WA

--Sunday 10:30am

Eastmont Baptist Church 400 S. Kentucky Ave. East Wenatchee, WA

--Saturday 12:00pm Sunday 9:00am|10:30am

First United Methodist Church 941 Washington Street, Wenatchee, WA 

--Sunday 8:00am|10:15am

St. Luke's Episcopal Church 428 King Street, Wenatchee, WA

--Sunday 8:00am|10:00am

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